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What is Pashmina?

Pashmina is the wool from the undercoat of the Himalayan Ibex goat, or Capra Hircus. It thrives only in arid Himalayan plateaus at an altitude of 12,000 - 14,000 feet. It is this fine insulation that allows this animal to survive in this harsh environment. Pashmina is extremely fine - just 12-15 microns thick, a striking contrast to the human hair, which is 75 microns thick. The fact that it can be woven at all (let alone so intricately) by traditional Kashmiri artisans bears a splendid testimony to these pashmina weavers.

What is the difference between Pashmina and Shamina?

Pashmina is light-weight, soft and a delicately flowing fabric. Shamina is made from the same wool as Pashmina, the yarns are spun by hand in the same manner as Cashmere. The result is a thinner and a softer fabric than the Pashmina.

What is the difference between Pure Pashmina and Silk Pashmina?

Pure Pashmina, as the name suggests, is made purely from Pashmina Wool. Silk Pashmina shawls are woven in Pashmina wool as well as silk. The wrap is woven in silk and the weft is woven in Pashmina. The most common combination is 70% Pashmina and 30% Silk. It may be mentioned that other combinations are available as well upon request.

Is your entire collection featured on this website?

The items featured on our website are just representative samples of our entire collection. Should you require further information on any item/s that you would like but haven't found on the website, please write to us.

Can I place an order online?

Not at present. We are primarily wholesalers of shawls and related accessories. You may send us an email specifying your requirement and we can then take on further communication on the matter. However, we are planning on releasing a site where it would be possible for you to purchase our shawls online. We would request you to please subscribe to our mailing list in order for us to let you know when it is ready.

Can I place an order for a custom color and size?

By all means. We have the means and the resources to handle any kind of requirement that you may have. However, as mentioned earlier, being wholesalers, the minimum order quantities would need to be considered.

How do I specify the colors that I require for my order?

We have featured Color Charts on our site. These charts offer you an enormous variety of colors that would cater to virtually any color requirement. Please note that while every effort has been made to display colors as accurately as possible, due to individual monitor settings, there may be some difference in the way that colors appear on your screen.